ITAF 2020

16-17 December 2020


Itaf research lab



  • Developing research projects in the fields of sustainable development, digital transformation, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence

  • Partnership agreements with a research center Universities and scientific magazines.

  • Organizing a group of scientific conferences approved by major international publishing houses

  • Organizing a group of workshops to exchange experiences and skills with a group of university professors and specialists in the respective disciplines

  • Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs

  • Cooperation with governmental and private universities


  • A virtual Egyptian research center run by a group of university professors and specialists

  • It adopts an initiative to develop research in the fields of sustainable development and artificial intelligence and link it to the labor market, believing in the role of initiatives to support the country's trends for digital transformation in order to keep pace with the requirements of the times


Itaf 2020 will be held online due to pandemic Covid 19

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